Tarot Card of the Week: 8 of Rods

8 of rods hanson roberts

This card is the total opposite of what I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks: now things are going to happen more quickly, and I’d better be prepared to keep up! The important thing, while all this activity is happening, is to keep my head on straight; this card can also warn me not to be impulsive.


Tarot Card of the Week: Death Reversed

death tarot card

The Death card came up reversed for me this week. I read reversals as a blockage, stagnation, or confusion of the energies involved.

Death tells me that changes are coming, but incomplete or slow changes. Something big is about to change, but it’s going to happen at a snail’s pace and require my patience.

I feel a little frustrated with this card, especially after last week’s card, which told me to be patient with things I’ve been working on. Nothing is happening all at once for me, and after a lot of busyness in my life, slowing down feels a little aggravating. The good things are worth waiting for though, right?

I feel like this week’s card is a continuation of last week’s card. Things are maturing now, just not as quickly as I expected.

Tarot Card of the Week: January 5th

As a way of getting back to tarot in 2015, I’m going to draw a tarot card of the week each week. This card will answer the question, “What energy do I need to be aware of in my life this week?”

This week, it’s the 7 of Pentacles:

7 of pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles tells me that this week, I need to be patient in waiting for the fruits of my labors to grow. The foundation has been laid for success and growth, now it’s just about waiting.