Living Paganism: Everyday Spirituality

brighid altar

That is my altar to Brighid, also known in our house as the family altar. It contains a really awkward picture of my fiance and I given to us by my mother-in-law, a candle, an offering bowl, a tarot card from the Celtic Tarot depicting Brighid, which I altered to fit in a picture frame, and a pretty pumpkin decoration that I bought in the fall and haven’t removed yet.

It’s simple, but it’s a reminder that the gods are intertwined with my everyday life, not distant and easily forgotten. There are a lot of little ways that I stay spiritual every day, even when I’m not doing big rituals or celebrating holidays.

I never take my amber crow necklace off, as a reminder that the Morrigan is always with me. I’ve been putting off creating an altar to Her because it felt like such a huge, delicate undertaking, but mostly, I think she just wants to be in my daily life too, and I should probably just create a shrine with what I have.

I pray all day long–to the Morrigan, to Brighid, to other gods–mostly for little things like protection and wisdom and patience (I really struggle with patience).

Sometimes the gods will nudge me during the day to tell me they want something. Oftentimes, this is Brighid, asking me for a bit of black coffee in the morning, and I’m happy to share. I pour a little in Her offering bowl and whisper a few words of gratitude.

I don’t always make time for grand gestures and elaborate rituals. I save those kinds of workings and offerings for holidays and special events, but I cherish the little moments with the gods, all day long, little reminders that I’m not alone and that there is something bigger out there.


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