Tarot Card of the Week: January 5th

As a way of getting back to tarot in 2015, I’m going to draw a tarot card of the week each week. This card will answer the question, “What energy do I need to be aware of in my life this week?”

This week, it’s the 7 of Pentacles:

7 of pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles tells me that this week, I need to be patient in waiting for the fruits of my labors to grow. The foundation has been laid for success and growth, now it’s just about waiting.


4 thoughts on “Tarot Card of the Week: January 5th

  1. The picture of the card you use here, the subject seems pensive, if not actually downright sad or bored. Is this intended to serve as a symbol of what must be endured; or is it a symbol of what must be avoided? I ask this because when waiting for the fruits of my labors to grow, I’m usually quite relaxed and happy, and have never really understood how someone could be sad or bored while waiting for their prior efforts to take root and grow.

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    1. I think he’s tired from his efforts. This is that moment before one regroups and gets a second wind. At least, thats how i see it. I’m intrigued by the idea of avoidance though. Do you think there are potential pitfalls ahead?


  2. When someone has planned and labored, and is at a point where the only thing left to do is wait for all that planning and hard work to manifest itself as the intended goal, I think there is definitely a pitfall to be avoided. This pitfall comes in the form of ‘fussing’ with things to the point where all the work and planning unravels itself. It’s usually brought on by impatience and insecurity / fear of failure. Plan carefully, work as hard as the plan requires, then rest and wait until it’s certain that action is really necessary before doing anything else.

    The subject in the image of the card may very well be tired from his efforts … but does he look happy or relieved to be done with them? The look on his face does not convince me that he is looking forward to resting up and waiting for his labors to bear fruit … instead, it seems almost forlorn, and this makes me wonder if perhaps he himself doesn’t believe he’s really about to rest and watch all his work pay off. That is what struck me about the picture when I first saw it, and it’s why I asked for you to further express what you see in the image. When I look at the picture (and I realize, with all art, interpretations are always a personal thing), I see a warning that reminds me to enjoy my period of rest, and rest more thoroughly.

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