5 Reasons Why I Want to Homestead

why I homestead photo

People homestead for a lot of different reasons. For some, it’s a calling to get back to a simpler time and way of life. Others do it for financial reasons or to be more self-sufficient. Whether you’re homesteading on 100 acres in the country or in an urban apartment, everyone has goals they hope to accomplish through a homesteading lifestyle.

Here are the top 5 things that motivate me to homestead:

1) Self-Sufficiency

It makes me really nervous to rely on others for everything I need to survive. Most of the farmland in the country is controlled by a few big companies. I don’t want the government or corporate CEOs controlling all the food my family eats. And, in the event of a disaster that causes food shortages, I want to feel that my family has security and won’t go hungry.

2) Health

It gives me comfort to know where my food comes from and how it’s grown. I know that it’s not grown with pesticides, processed with preservatives, or refined into something that doesn’t resemble its original form.

3) Humane treatment of animals

I am not a vegetarian or vegan, and I’m not opposed to eating meat. I am opposed to keeping animals in cruel and unsanitary factory farming conditions. I feel that I have a responsibility to eat animals that have been kept and killed in a humane way.

4) Closeness to nature and the land

I connect with nature on a spiritual level, but I think that many people–of all religious beliefs and worldviews–have a desire to be close to nature. For me, it’s a need to play in the dirt, a need to crunch autumn leaves and see things growing in the spring and summer. It awakens a child-like part of myself that I need to keep in touch with.

5) The feeling I get when I do things from scratch or by hand

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when I build something myself or cook something from scratch. I feel proud of the effort I put into things I make by hand, and I cherish them more for all the love and care I put into them.

What drew you to the homesteading lifestyle?


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